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Friday, July 27, 2012

A Moment of Weakness

This morning, as I parked my car in front of my gym, this really in shape girl walked in front of me and I immediately thought, "Wow, I wish I could look like her." And then I stopped myself. I'm always telling my girl friends not to compare their bodies to other women's, and here I was doing just that! Making body comparisons is absolutely ridiculous because no two bodies are alike—we're like snowflakes (that was cheesy, but I couldn't resist). This girl walking into the gym had long, toned legs and the waist of a Victoria's Secret Supermodel. I, on the other hand, have short, stocky legs and they're not going anywhere.

For years I hated my larger-than-normal thighs, but I've come to terms with them. I can only do so much to get my body healthy and toned, the rest is up to genetics (thanks mom and dad). And that's why I hate it when I hear women (I rarely hear men talk about this) picking apart their bodies and "flaws" and wishing they looked like someone else.

The truth is, we all have insecurities regarding our looks. We're only human! But the important thing is to realize what you have to work with and then owning it. It's a long process, but loving and feeling comfortable with your body is one of the most important things you can do. Your opinion of yourself affects not only your attitude, but also the way people view you. I'm always making an effort to love the way I look more every day, and I can tell you that even the smallest of changes make a big difference in every aspect of your life.

But enough of that tangent, let's get on to the food. I often find, especially in the summer, that when I'm in need of a really quick meal, I'll heat up a veggie burger and call it a day. But now it's the end of July and I have become so sick of eating the same thing at barbecues. Thankfully, I have a new staple that is just as fast: Portobello Burger.

It's easy, delicious, and has a hearty, steak-like quality that is quite different from your typical Boca burger. Traditionally, portobello mushrooms are grilled when used as burgers, but if you're in a rush (like most of the world), then you can easily heat it in the microwave to dehydrate and cook it a bit. It takes about 2 minutes in a microwave safe dish for the mushroom to steam and release most of it's water. When it's done, gently squeeze the mushroom so it is dry, for the most part. It will be very hot, so it will be ready to be thrown on a bun immediately after.

I like to use whole wheat deli flats for burgers, and I dress it in the usual burger-fashion. You can cheese or any condiment to your liking, but I love to make my own with a combination of veganaise and mustard. It is an awesome combination with the juicy mushroom.

Side note: I tend to use portobellos a lot, so I figured I would share that I buy mine at Costco. Portobellos aren't something you find in everyone's refrigerator, but they're really versatile. I highly recommend buying them if you like mushrooms.

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